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The Water Exchange will close at 5.00pm Monday 17 June 2019. Read more in a recent Talking Water here.


  1. Murray Irrigation announces resource distribution

    Riverina-based Murray Irrigation has announced that it will distribute 53GL of much needed water to its customers immediately,…

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  2. Mulwala Canal vital to local communities

    The Mulwala Canal is vital to local farmers and their communities, according to Federal Minister for Agriculture and…

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  3. Setting international standards

    Murray Irrigation’s world-class remote control technology is attracting international attention, with the Deniliquin-based company this week hosting a…

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  4. Landmark ag water agreement

    Murray Irrigation and the NSW Government have signed an historic agreement that represents a significant coup for the…

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  5. Murray Irrigation announces resource distribution

    Murray Irrigation has managed its upgraded operations and has been able to draw on its conveyance water to…

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  6. Technology will help farmers on edge

    Technology will help farmers on edge

    Murray Irrigation’s $230 million modernisation program may generate immediate benefits that will…

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  7. Murray Irrigation may win top award

    Murray Irrigation is vying for top spot in the state’s most prestigious safety awards after it achieved zero…

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  8. Lawson Syphons gate install

    After last year’s inspection of the Lawson Syphons, the ageing agricultural landmark has been given a new lease…

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  9. Murray Irrigation finalises eight-member board

    Independent directors Patrick Largier, Don Marples and Claire Filson have joined member directors Ryan Gleeson, Noel Baxter, Steven…

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