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New Team Tackles Drought

Murray Irrigation forms new Drought Response Team

Murray Irrigation will temporarily assemble a dedicated team to tackle the impacts of the ongoing drought and look for ways to improve business operations and water delivery efficiency despite a low or zero allocation season.

Phil Endley, CEO says the new Drought Response Team will start immediately, with team members taken off their routine daily duties to focus full-time on developing innovative solutions.

“We’re fully committed to improving the long-term viability of this region and will dedicate this team to investigate further opportunities to improve water availability and access to services and information for our customers.

“The team will be drawn from existing employees across a range of skills, which may result in some disruption to normal activities. We ask for our customers’ patience and trust, as we work to balance immediate operational requirements with delivering further efficiencies,” Phil said.

The team will be headed up by Murray Irrigation’s Executive General Manager Water Delivery, Scott Barlow, who has invested his career in the local irrigation industry.

“The team has a clear objective to maximise the benefits of operating the network beyond the current operational drought mode. We’ll be looking at every angle to develop access to further water products and information to support customers and keep them informed.

“This might include looking at ways we can work closer with other agencies to improve access to assistance, suspending some programmed activities, looking for better ways to engage and communicate with shareholders, and operating the channel system even more stringently than current drought operations, to provide a resource distribution.

“The latest allocation announcement coupled with persisting dry conditions means we need to act and think outside the square to find better ways to support our customers.

“In the meantime, we’ll continue to work with politicians and ministers to lobby and advocate for improvements to the reliability and certainty of water within our footprint”, Scott concluded.

Murray Irrigation will keep its shareholders informed of the team’s progress and advise them well in advance of any changes.