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New irrigation season starts on good note for customers

Farmers within Murray Irrigation’s footprint now have access to water they would not normally receive this early in the season, thanks to the company’s Allocation Advance water product.

Murray Irrigation’s Allocation Advance water product gives eligible customers up to five per cent of their water allocation early in the season, regardless of state mandated water allocations.

Philip Endley, Chief Executive Officer, said that the company recognises the importance of providing early season water which helps local farmers plan their seasonal crop.

“Last week’s announcement by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment – Water (DPIE-W) of yet another zero General Security Allocation, on the first day of the season, makes it hard for farmers to plan their approach to the season.

“We’re conscious of this and always try to provide a level certainty for our shareholding farmers when they make these important business decisions that ultimately, don’t just support their families, but the regional communities in which they live.

“We are able to provide this water by leveraging our bulk water licence and running our system in the most efficient way possible. This allows us to give the water savings generated back to our customers.

The Allocation Advance is part of Murray Irrigation’s ‘WaterWell’ bundle of products, that alongside the Water Users Credit and Sustainability Product, aims to make available up to 100GL to customers at the start of the irrigation season to give farmers increased certainty about the season.

“It’s vital that we continue to work with customers to overcome the natural and man-made challenges faced by regional farming communities whose economic sustainability relies almost entirely on our rain and rivers,” Phil ended.