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Murray Irrigation sets the record straight

Murray Irrigation is setting the record straight after the company was mentioned in Parliament by the NSW Water Minister, Melinda Pavey, as she voted against Member for Murray, Helen Dalton’s, Water Management Amendment (Water Rights Transparency) Bill.

Philip Endley, Chief Executive Officer, said the unexpected Parliamentary mention caused confusion among some of the company’s customers, shareholders, and stakeholders and that it was important to publicly state the company’s position.

“Let me be very clear – Murray Irrigation wholeheartedly supports greater transparency of water ownership, water markets and improved compliance measures”, he said.

“Our submissions and media responses, which we publish on our website, to the various Inquiries and Reports demonstrate this – including our most recent comments about the ACCC’s enquiry into water markets that looks to address transparency at a national level.

“We held some concerns about potential impacts of the Bill that may fall on the company and flow-on to our customers and shareholders. Specifically, potential cost impacts especially as we work to recover following two years of drought.

“These concerns were shared with Helen Dalton’s office, as appropriate, and we responded to an enquiry we received from the NSW Water Minister’s office.

“We must and will continue to act in the best interests of our customers and shareholders and will continue our determined approach to achieve this.

“This includes working with all political sides, agencies and departments that share responsibility for state and national water management to secure water for our region and foster a fair and equitable approach to water management,” Phil concluded.