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Largest ever Winter Works program completed

Murray Irrigation recently completed its most comprehensive Winter Works maintenance and construction program.

Lachie Knight, Executive General Manager – Infrastructure has thanked his team for their tireless efforts delivering the work under budget and on schedule.

“This was a massive piece of work that entailed 55,000 labour hours to complete. We engaged  40 primarily local contractors and together completed more than 5,000 work orders and 450 bridge engineering assessments.

“These assessments helped us prioritise the work and resulted in life-extending works on 217 bridges, and emergency bridge repairs / major structural works on another 33 bridges.

“Some bridges needed to be closed to allow us to safely undertake remediation works and I’d like to extend my thanks to local shareholders and road users for their understanding and patience while this was completed,” he said.

Lachie said the works will extend the life of assets and defer their replacement; allowing the organisation to better manage costs over the long-term while ensuring infrastructure is maintained for generations to come.

“Concrete exposed to the atmosphere degrades over time and this is expensive to reverse, leading to the asset requiring replacement. The life-extending works significantly slow down this degradation.

“These works were the start of a larger asset management strategy that focusses on three key areas;  saving water by only draining one-third of the channel network each year; working with local contractors to complete the bulk of our work during the winter period when work can be completed most efficiently; and deferring asset replacement by investing in works that slow down asset degradation.

“Most importantly, the work was completed with zero lost time injuries,” Lachie said.

Winter Works in numbers

Zero Lost Time Injuries
55,000 labour hours
40 primarily local contractors
5,000 + work orders
450 bridge engineering assessments
217 bridge life-extending works
33 bridge emergency repairs / major structural works
1,450 regulators services
400km channels de-silted and de-weeded


Media Contact – Donna McFeeters, Senior Communications Advisor, Ph: 03 5898 3319