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More early season water flows for customers

Murray Irrigation has today announced the release of its Resource Distribution and Sustainability Product, further boosting early season regional water flows and confidence in the irrigation season.  There is now a very significant volume of water in the region.

Phil Endley, CEO, said rain, which triggered the recent Supplementary Water event, enabled the company to top up its system during a time in which, historically, the canals and channels were drained for winter maintenance work.

“This year we moved to a three-year rolling maintenance schedule which allows us to keep two-thirds of the system open, while we conduct vital maintenance on the other third.

“This enabled us to capitalise on the unexpected and opportunistic supplementary water event, and through the dedicated efforts of our staff, accelerate our winter maintenance program – opening up the system much sooner than our traditional 15 August start date.

“Around half of our customers were able to access water during this event, but more importantly, it’s meant that we can announce a two percent resource distribution to all customers.

“This water has already been credited to customers’ accounts to help them better plan for the spring irrigation season, Phil said.

Today’s announcement also incorporates the company’s Sustainability Product in which the company will release 40GL of water to customers at a discounted rate.

“Our Sustainability Product allows customers to purchase water at a reduced market rate, thus supporting the business’ bottom line. This is crucial to ensure the long-term viability of the business especially during lean times like the current drought.

“This product has been incredibly popular in the past and is usually over-subscribed, so we encourage customers to submit their expression of interest early,” Phil said.

Both the Resource Distribution and Sustainability Product are part of the company’s WaterWell bundle of products which aim to release around 100GL of productive, early season water into the footprint to increase certainty for farmers and their irrigation needs.

“Collectively, the recent two percent Allocation Announcement, the supplementary water event (which was again extended yesterday) and the release of our Allocation Advance, Sustainability Product and Resource Distribution have generated the most promising start to the irrigation season that we’ve seen in at least three years.

“Our region knows only too well that when water flows, the whole community benefits,” Phil concluded.

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Media contact: Donna McFeeters – 0418 111 829

Note: the DPIE’s Allocation Statement can be found here.