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Will you have time when it stops ticking?

Will you have time when it stops ticking?
Part of the Men’s Health campaign has been centred around a weekly poster and health message, which have included prostate health, skin health and mental health – and this week the focus is on heart health.
1.4 million Australians have a high chance of having a heart attack or stroke in the next five years. More than two-thirds of Australian adults have three or more risk factors for heart diseases. Yet many people do not know they are at risk.

Speaking to this topic at Blokes Night In will be experienced nurse practitioner, Dave Baker. Dave has worked across a number of settings over his career, but in the last few years have spent most of his time in Emergency Departments – the place people turn up to when they suspect they are having a heart attack. Dave will also be sharing some of his own personal experience with heart disease.
Dave, who also used to work in a mental health setting, will talk on stress; and the importance of seeking support for mental health when needed.
There is no one cause for heart disease. However, there are risk factors that increase your chance of developing it. The more risk factors you have, the more likely you are to develop heart disease. The problem is that often people do not know they have underlying risk factors; simply because they do not have this checked out regularly,” Dave Baker says.
“Some risk factors like family history, ethnic background and social environment might be out of our control. But many risk factors such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and being overweight are things we can do something about, either by medical intervention like medicine and/ or healthy lifestyle choices. Regular heart health checks with your GP help you better understand your risk of heart attack and stroke, and help you lower your risk”, Dave says.
No two heart attacks are the same and warning signs can be experienced differently by everyone.

Some of the signs of heart attack includes:
• Angina (chest discomfort or pain) – which varies greatly from person to person with regards to intensity and or spread of the pain
• Dizziness, light headedness or feeling faint
• Nausea, indigestion, vomiting
• Shortness of breath
• Sweating or cold sweat
• No warning signs at all (for some)

“It is possible to experience several of these symptoms or just one. They usually last for at least 10 minutes and may come on suddenly or get worse as time passes. Ignoring them could be fatal. Knowing the symptoms and acting on them quickly can increase your chance of survival”, Dave Baker says.

If you, or someone else, is experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack, call Triple Zero (000) immediately and ask for an ambulance.

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Murray Irrigation’s 2020/2021 sponsorship program provided funding towards the event and Deni LHAC’s Men’s Health Campaign across the region in the lead up to Men’s Health week in June 2021.

Blokes’ Night In is a free event for men that includes dinner with guest speakers, an expert panel, resources and a mini-health check by local doctors.

There has been an overwhelming response to the Blokes Night In event planned for 16th June . Thank you to those who have booked tickets and for your support.
Currently all available tickets have been allocated, thus online booking will indicate no tickets available.
HOWEVER PLEASE continue to register your interest by sending an email to or a text with your email included to 0428281060. This will ensure you are waitlisted for this amazing event.
We are looking at possible ways to increase seating for this event , and also wait listing people, should sponsors not take up seating or people return their tickets to the pool of available seats due to changes in circumstance.
Having an indication of interest will also help us plan future events.

For more information you can visit the Deni LHAC Facebook page