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Murray Irrigation’s Water Exchange will close at 5pm on Wednesday 22 June & access to the Customer Portal will close at 5pm on Monday 27 June in preparation for the 2022/23 season reopening 1 July 2022.  Read more here.


On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program (OFIEP)

This is our ninth year implementing the On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program for customers

The Commonwealth Government through the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, has sought organisations experienced in project management related to farm and irrigation systems to be delivery partners for the Commonwealth’s On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program.
We are proud to be one of these delivery partners.

Program summary

Funding for this program is provided from the Water for the Future Initiative through the OFIEP. Our role as a delivery partner is to assist our customers with their applications and oversee the implementation of individual farm projects if approved by the Commonwealth.

Projects seek funds for on-farm works for more efficient irrigation, in return a portion of the water savings are to be transferred to the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder.

Facts about the Program

  • We successfully completed the Pilot Program, round one and round two
  • We are currently implementing round four and round five of these programs
  • We applied to be a Delivery Partner in round three, however our application was unsuccessful
  • Round two has all on-farm works completed for all 177 sub-projects
  • Round four of the program includes 52 individual sub-projects across our area of operations
  • A funding agreement was entered into between our company and the Commonwealth in December 2014
  • All 52 sub-projects have started their on-farm works, with many having already completed their projects
  • Round five of the program includes 39 individual sub-projects with a funding agreement was entered into in August 2016
  • We will be working with landholders to complete works before November 2018

Fact sheets for various types of irrigation systems

Surface Irrigation Systems

Surface irrigation is the use of gravity to apply and distribute water across the soil surface. Water flows through outlets from irrigation supply and across the field to infiltrate soil and irrigate crops.

view fact sheet

Spray Irrigation Systems

Spray irrigation is the overhead delivery and distribution of water across a field through sprinklers attached to a self supporting frame. The volume of water applied is determined by the speed of the machine.

View fact sheet

Micro Irrigation Systems

Micro irrigation is the slow application of water above, on or below the soil surface at low pressures. Water is delivered at frequent intervals near the plant root zone via piping with micro holes, creating a dripping effect or small localised sprinklers.

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Project outcomes

These works align nicely with our upgraded channel system through PIIOP. Better control of water delivery and improved service with larger flows will play a big role in unlocking the potential of both our company’s and our farmers’ investments.

Many customers undertaking these projects report not only how efficient their new layout is, but also how it has improved their crop diversity and business confidence. The funds are also a welcome cash injection to suppliers and contractors in our local community with benefits flowing to other local businesses.