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Regional scholarship awarded locally

Murray Irrigation’s Marketing Officer, Erica Laing, has been announced as a recipient of an Association for Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA) Regional Marketing Scholarship.

Miss Laing was named a recipient of the ADMA Regional Marketing Scholarship earlier this month and has been awarded an intensive six-month marketing education program, focussing on data-driven marketing.

As part of the scholarship Miss Laing travelled to Sydney to attend the ADMA Global Marketing Forum where Brands from around the globe presented on a range of topics including digital trends, data-driven marketing and technology. “It was great to attend the Global Forum and hear from some of the world’s biggest brands. It was an amazing learning opportunity,” Miss Laing said.

“The content marketing presentation by the Vice President of Marketing at VISA was really informative and I learned a lot about analysing data to improve how we connect with customers and stakeholders,” she said. The ADMA Regional Marketing Scholarship, supported by Telstra, is aimed at young marketers between the ages of 18-30 who work in a marketing or advertising role in a business outside a 100km radius of their state capital. “I was drawn to this opportunity as they were specifically targeting rural candidates.

I often find that people believe marketing professionals are limited to metropolitan areas. So it was great that ADMA recognise regional businesses also have and need marketing expertise.” Said Miss Laing. The scholarship includes access to ADMA’s online training facilities, including one certificate course and three additional online courses to assist in the professional development of regional marketing practitioners. “Data-driven marketing is essential for businesses and as part of this scholarship I hope to upskill my existing knowledge in this area.

This will enable me to better understand the needs of Murray Irrigation customers based on the information they are currently accessing and seeking,” Miss Laing added. The application process involved applicants posting an online application video to social media. Miss Laing’s video received over nine thousand views and 110 shares. The video was filmed on the dairy farm near Blighty, where Miss Laing resides with her partner. The footage features irrigation infrastructure along with dairy cows from the property.

“I wanted my application video to highlight the agricultural nature of our region. I am proud to live in the Riverina and I wanted to showcase this in my application,” she said. “I received positive feedback from ADMA in regards to my application with the team at the Global Forum saying they all loved my video and thought it really highlighted my passion for the area.

That was really nice to hear,” Miss Laing concluded.

To view Erica’s application video, visit: