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Regional business awarded major modernisation contract

Cohuna-based AWMA – Water Control Solutions, has been awarded a $6 million contract to provide regulator gates for major modernisation upgrades along the Mulwala Canal in 2018.

The contract was awarded after an extensive product review and competitive tendering process. Mulwala Canal is Australia’s largest irrigation canal.

It spans 165km and has the capacity to deliver more than 1,500,000ML of water per year to irrigators in the Southern Riverina helping to generate about $500 million of gross agriculture revenue per year for the region.

Murray Irrigation Executive General Manager Major Engineering Projects Warren Jose said a comprehensive study and product analysis was undertaken over 12 months to ensure the best upgrades would be implemented along the Canal.

“During winter 2016 we conducted a civil and mechanical survey of major regulators which discovered that our mechanical and gate assets were close to the end of their operational life.

“Issues such as water seepage and control during low volume demand periods were highlighted in the survey.” Murray Irrigation then partnered with external experts to conduct a comprehensive assessment and tendering process for potential suppliers.

“During the rigorous tendering process, the AWMA product was thoroughly reviewed and deemed to have a life span of 50 years, taking Murray Irrigation well towards the end of this century,” Mr Jose said.

Murray Irrigation has up to $114.8 million in funding approved from the Australian Government under Round 3 of its Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program (PIIOP), which will supply more than 50 gates being provided by AWMA for the Mulwala Canal upgrades.

It is not the first contract executed by the two companies with AWMA playing a significant role in a five-year upgrade program completed in the mid 2000’s and which comprised the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of about 2,500 regulator gates at more than 1,000 sites within Murray Irrigation’s footprint.

AWMA Managing Director Brett Kelly said the company had a long history of developing and delivering infrastructure solutions with Murray Irrigation.

“We are looking forward to again working with Murray Irrigation to upgrade their infrastructure to ensure a sustainable future for the company and its shareholders,” he said.