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Politics must support the MDBA umpire

Australia’s largest private environmental and commercial water delivery company has urged Parliament to uphold the umpire’s decision and support the independent Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) in its efforts to manage the Basin Plan, free of political interference.

“Our environmental and commercial water users cannot develop long term objectives, nor decide rural investment options when the body set up to deliver water reform is being undermined,” Murray Irrigation Chairman Phil Snowden said.

“A failure to support the integrity and decision making of the MDBA provides every critic of the plan with the oxygen to scrap it and start from scratch.

“Having arrived at a rare national consensus with the plan, we expect Parliamentarians – crossbenchers in particular – to support the MDBA and reject any moves to disallow recommendations to better manage the system.

“It’s outrageous that after so much science, planning, modelling and assessment, the work of the MDBA is being devalued by political opportunism,” he said.