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New sponsorship program opens

Murray Irrigation has announced a new sponsorship program which aims to enhance local communities – the 2017/18 sponsorship application process is now open.

As part of Murray Irrigation’s proactive approach to supporting healthy, viable and vibrant regional communities, the company announced they will be providing sponsorship annually to organisations and activities which enhance, promote and embed safety and wellbeing within local communities.

For more than 10 years Murray Irrigation has been successfully supporting the Learn to Swim program in local schools, and now want to expand on this by diversifying their sponsorship program.

Murray Irrigation Executive Manager Customer Operations Scott Barlow, explained the new sponsorship program can be provided across two categories – financial support and in-kind support.

“Organisations can apply for financial support from an allocated pool of funds, or in-kind support which is a non-monetary contribution from within company resources,” Mr Barlow said. “In-kind support can be provided across four broad categories including human resources, infrastructure and equipment, volume of water and administrative support.

“Murray Irrigation is a significant employer within the region and our area of operations encompasses a number of communities. Our aim is to sponsor organisations and projects that have positive impacts for the wider region.

“All applications will be assessed using a merit-based system, against principles which align with the core values, goals and strategic direction of Murray Irrigation,” he said.

The Learn to Swim program has targeted primary school students across the region and educates children on water safety while also providing vital rescue and survival techniques.

“Living in an area where rivers, dams and irrigation channels are part of our everyday lives, water safety is a necessary skill for our children,” Mr Barlow said. “Murray Irrigation is committed to supporting organisations and activities that enhance local communities. We encourage all community organisations to apply if they have a safety or wellbeing initiative that will support a healthy, viable and vibrant community,” he said.

All sponsorship applications will be assessed by the company in May with successful recipients to be announcement in June this year.