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Murray Irrigation supports water safety

Murray Irrigation’s commitment to safety has seen more than $13,000 donated to local schools and swimming clubs as part of the company’s annual Learn to Swim Program


For more than 10 years, Murray Irrigation has been sponsoring local children from across the region to learn about water safety and the importance of learning to swim, as well as rescue and survival techniques.

Coordinator for the Deniliquin Swim Club’s Learn to Swim program, Cheryl McMillan, said the program was about far more than financial support. “This program not only gives children a skill for life, but it also provides an opportunity for young people to give back to their community as they get older and volunteer as instructors,” Mrs McMillan said.

“We have a lot of kids that did the program years ago and now do the program as instructors, so we are effectively getting double the value. “Here in Deni alone, the sponsorship means we can hold intensive workshops for around 100 children over a two week period every summer.

And knowing that similar programs are run through schools or clubs across the district means it is accessible to everyone,” she said. Murray Irrigation’s Executive Manager Customers and Operations, Scott Barlow, said the company is committed to the community and the safety of children around water.

“Living in an area where rivers, dams and irrigation channels are part of our everyday lives, water safety is a necessary skill for our children,” Mr Barlow said “As part of the company’s proactive approach to water safety, we provide annual sponsorship of learn to swim programs for schools and swimming clubs in our area of operation.”

Murray Irrigation’s 2015/16 Learn to Swim sponsorship program attracted 1,090 primary school students, 27 high school students and 199 local swimming club members. Sponsorship funds were used to cover travel cost, pool entry fees, equipment, as well as instructor and life guard wages.

Lessons focussed on teaching children about water safety, swimming, rescue, CPR and survival techniques, focussing on water confidence and increasing awareness. Individual programs differed from school to school, as did the age of students participating and range of skills needed.