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More bad days than good days?

Mental health is just part of health. Like physical health, changes can happen to our mental health, and this is actually normal. Traditionally men find it hard to ask for help; and more so if it comes to their mental health, because of stigma and fear of not knowing what to expect.

Not knowing where to start, or who to talk to can also be part of the problem why men do not seek help.

The message to our men is to take action and look for help; they do not have to put up with it.

If you are:
Having more bad days than good days
Not enjoying your normal activities
Feeling down or sad a lot of the time
Feeling worried or nervous
Feeling tired or avoiding people and places
It might be time to have a chat to someone about this. Talking to your GP is a good start to get the help that works for you.  The GP can also look at some other physical issues that might be contributing to you; or just talk to you about how you are feeling.  This provides an opportunity to talk about supports that can work for you.

“There are some options available locally, and this can be found on But these are not the only options.”

“With telehealth and online resources, men can find the help in the way they prefer. What is important is that men realise that mental health problems are common; they are not alone and there is help out there,” Lyn Bond, chair of Deni MHAG said.

There are resources online; specific to general men’s topics  on and they also have a 24 hour chatline 1300 78 99 78 .

Beyond Blue has fantastic resources and information on common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety  and also has a 24-hour chatline 1300 22 4636.

Murray Irrigation’s 2020/2021 sponsorship program provided funding towards the event and Deni LHAC’s Men’s Health Campaign across the region in the lead up to Men’s Health week in June 2021.

Blokes’ Night In is a free event for men that includes dinner with guest speakers, an expert panel, resources and a mini-health check by local doctors.

Tickets are limited, so get in early to avoid disappointment. Book online at and for more information you can visit the Deni LHAC Facebook page