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MIL Communities in Crisis

A number of Murray Irrigation staff will attend the ‘Fix the Basin Plan, Communities in Crisis Rally’ being held in Tocumwal next Thursday.  We support our irrigators and representative groups who also intend to participate.

“Our shareholders continue to experience unsustainable, devastating effects from the ongoing drought and growing demand downstream of the Barmah choke.

“The pressure on our footprint, and the vital Murray river system is unlike anything we’ve experienced in the past,” Phil Endley, CEO said.

“We support an urgent review of the Basin Plan.  This, plus much needed improvements to river operations are critical for fixing the socio-economic impacts on communities whose existence rely on irrigable water from the river.

“Murray Irrigation has been a strong advocate of the need to urgently address the key issues that impact on our region, as this is the only way to ensure our footprint has a future over both the short and long term.

“Our attendance builds on that previous advocacy and is the platform on which future representations will be made.

“By attending the rally next Thursday, the company and our shareholders are hoping that our voices will be heard, and we’ll see an outcome soon,” Phil said.