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Local search for independent directors

Murray Irrigation’s journey towards a new era in governance and board structure continues this week with a tier one recruiting firm engaged to find independent directors.

Korn Ferry’s search will focus on attracting experienced individuals who will fulfil their fiduciary duties to the company while providing insights into defending and promoting the interests and prosperity of the region.

Murray Irrigation Chairman Phil Snowden said it’s imperative that the company attracts highly skilled independent directors if the company is to define a new era in board performance.

“Member directors represent the interest of our shareholder/landholder base, whereas non-member directors (independents) bring specific skills to the table,” he said.

“The interim board has identified the skills we believe are required for each of the independent director positions, and we’ve developed a selection criterion against which these directors will be assessed.”

Mr Snowden said independent directors with proven leadership skills and expertise in engineering, finance and advocacy are being targeted.

“We’re looking for experienced company directors with competencies in core business knowledge, governance and business practices, strategic skills, financial and analytical proficiency, as well as character and communication style,” he said.

“There is every reason to believe these people exist in our region and we’re encouraging them to apply.”

Sophie Kolatchew of Korn Ferry’s Melbourne office is accepting applications until Friday 6 April.