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Infrastructure upgrades soaring ahead of schedule

Murray Irrigation’s Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program (PIIOP) Round 3 works on the Berrigan Canal are set to be completed ahead of schedule.

Six structures are being upgraded within the Berrigan system this year, with more than 60 regulators and three escapes currently within the project scope.

The project is focusing on one section of the canal at a time to limit disturbance to customers, with all the upgrades to be completed within three years.

The PIIOP Round 3 project is upgrading large infrastructure within the backbone of the network to make the system more efficient by implementing new technology and automation.

The program will extend the life of main structures by at least 25 years and will provide a greater level of control within the main canals.

The project will link all upgrades across the network, allowing Murray Irrigation to significantly improve on and off farm efficiency. Executive Manager Major Engineering Projects Warren Jose, visited the Berrigan sites last month, along with the Murray Irrigation Board of Directors.

“Visiting the construction sites allowed the Board to get a visual understanding of the scale of the project. It was a valuable day and it highlighted some of the benefits this project will bring to the region,” Mr Jose said.

“This project is a huge step in Murray Irrigation’s modernisation process, and will complement the PIIOP Round 2 program, ultimately unlocking the full potential of the outlet and regulator upgrades.

“We found the site visits very valuable so Murray Irrigation has decided to give customers the opportunity to visit both PIIOP 2 and 3 sites, with tour details to be released in the coming weeks,” he said.

The PIIOP Round 3 project team is also undertaking a Network Optimisation Study, which will identify the operational performance of individual areas in the network.

This study will help Murray Irrigation optimise channel networks, by potentially rolling out sub-projects such as channel reconfigurations, sub-system retirement and stock and domestic schemes. Initial results from the Network Optimisation Study will be released later this year.