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Murray Irrigation’s Water Exchange will close at 5pm on Wednesday 22 June & access to the Customer Portal will close at 5pm on Monday 27 June in preparation for the 2022/23 season reopening 1 July 2022.  Read more here.


Industry Links

Water NSW
Supply and seek to improve availability of water that is essential for water users and the communities throughout NSW.

NSW Planning Industry & Environment
Responsible for General Security announcements. Responsible for water security and managing NSW water resources, including surface and groundwater management. We also ensure equitable sharing of surface and groundwater resources and that water entitlements and allocations are secure and tradeable.

Inspector-General of Water Compliance
The Inspector-General of Water Compliance is a regulatory role. It aims to improve trust and transparency in implementing the Commonwealth’s Basin water reform agenda, deliver greater consistency and harmonisation of water regulation across the Basin
& strengthen Basin Plan compliance and enforcement.

Murray Darling Basin Authority
The Basin is home to 2.2 million Australians, internationally significant wetlands, First Nations and is Australia’s food bowl.
Water in the Basin is managed across four states and a territory covering one million square kilometres.

National Irrigator’s Council
Aims to develop projects and policies to ensure the efficiency, viability and sustainability of Australian irrigated agriculture and the security and reliability of water entitlements and to promote those projects and policies with a view to having them adopted or ratified by governments, statutory authorities and other groups and organisations.