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Murray Irrigation’s Water Exchange will close at 5pm on Wednesday 22 June & access to the Customer Portal will close at 5pm on Monday 27 June in preparation for the 2022/23 season reopening 1 July 2022.  Read more here.


Allocation Advance

Allocation Advance


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Allocation Advance Briefing


Frequently Asked Questions

The Allocation Advance is an early allocation distributed to shareholders. It is distributed according to delivery entitlements and must be included within the maximum annual allocation limit under the Water Sharing Plan (WSP) to allow the product to be available early in the season.

Murray Irrigation shareholders who are currently financial.

Water is allocated as a percentage of the shareholder’s total delivery entitlements. This is up to a limit of 110 percent of water entitlements (Class C) held within the same account. The Allocation Advance forms part of your total allocation limit.

If insufficient water entitlements are held, the account will not be eligible for the full Allocation Advance volume due to Water Sharing Plan limits.

An online calculator is available here. The table below illustrates four examples, based on an Allocation Advance of 5%.

CustomerWE'sDE'sCarryoverAllocation Advance Volume
Customer A600600030
Customer B60060030030
Customer C20500022
Customer D205001012

Customers seeking to increase their Allocation Advance (up to the limit of 5% of delivery entitlements) may ‘borrow’ Maximum Annual Allocation (associated with Class C General Security water entitlements) from another customer.

This arrangement requires Murray Irrigation’s consent. Customers seeking consent for this arrangement can do so by submitting a Form 6M, located on the Murray Irrigation website. The deadline to submit a Form 6M to the company is 30 business days after the Allocation Advance is announced.

The water will be applied to eligible customers’ water accounts as soon as the trigger point is reached. Customers can access the allocated water as they normally would.

No. The Allocation Advance is exactly that – an advance on water allocations.

The Allocation Advance volume will only occur once annually, generally when 1% General Security allocation is announced.

You have until 5:00pm Friday, 17 July 2020 to become financially eligible for the 2020/21 season Allocation Advance.

To become financially eligible, you need to either pay all accounts owed up to 31 March 2020, or enter a compliant payment arrangement with the company before the above time.

For customers who pay their account, water will be applied to the account within one business day of payment being confirmed.

Customers who enter into a compliant payment arrangement will have the water credited to their account in the week of 20 July.

You can contact Customer Operations on T: 1300 138 265 to discuss the process for entering a payment arrangement.

All customers will be sent an SMS message when the allocation advance is applied to their water allocation account.