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Murray Irrigation’s 2018 Annual General Meeting was held in Deniliquin on Thursday 22 November. For details, click here.


Season Operating Plan

‘Welcome to the NOCC’

The 2018/19 irrigation season will see a first for Murray Irrigation. The completion of PIIOP2 and the implementation of a new operating model will allow the company to control its irrigation system remotely.

The company’s new Network Operation Control Centre (NOCC) will allow Murray Irrigation to use its irrigation supply system more efficiently than ever before.

Our clear focus

With very low rainfall and expected low allocation, we are committed to supplying customers with their valuable water with an emphasis on system efficiencies.


The Season Operating Plan has been developed around four key themes:

  • Customer focused
  • Network Operation Control Centre (NOCC) implementation
  • Manage our limited resources efficiently
  • Reliability and compliance

View the complete 2018-19 Season Operating Plan below.


2018-19 Season Operating Plan