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Water delivery is now available to most outlets. Customers can place orders using the online water ordering system. A minimum of four days advanced notice is required.


Season Operating Plan

Implementing a new operating model

During the 2017/18 irrigation season we will be implementing a new operating model.
This new model will implement the outcomes of the completed PIIOP project.

The PIIOP project is an asset renewal project that has allowed us to modernise and upgrade aging irrigation infrastructure for the benefit of all irrigation customers. This project also provided improved water efficiency and productivity for our customers’ farming businesses.

Our clear focus

As we implement this automated infrastructure we will see a significant change for customers, from the way that they interact with us through to the scheduling of their water deliveries.

Throughout this change we will continually aim to be flexible and responsive to customer needs.


With these momentous changes in mind, the Season Operating Plan has been developed around the following themes:

  • Supporting customers
  • How we will communicate
  • Achieving automation
  • Using our resources efficiently

For more information about our new operating model, view the complete 2017-18 Season Operating Plan below.


2017-18 season operating plan