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Murray Irrigation’s new Customer Portal is live. Details about all the new features can be found here.  Security has been improved and all customers will need to change their password. Please update your password now here.


About Murray Irrigation

We are Australia’s largest private environmental and irrigation water delivery company

On 3 March 1995, NSW Government privatised the irrigation system in the NSW Murray Valley and Murray Irrigation Limited was born.  We are an unlisted, public company. Our irrigators are also our shareholders and include 1,357 family-farm businesses.

We are licensed to operate by the NSW Government, and have 823,978 general security entitlements to the NSW Murray Regulated River resource (as at 30 June 2017). This represents more than 60 percent of all NSW Murray River general security entitlements.

Our vision

To enrich the prosperity of a region that is highly valued for its contribution to Australian agriculture.

Our mission

To provide reliable, efficient, cost-effective water delivery services and promote the interests of the region.

Our journey to 2020

Everything we do will align with our core operating principles and performance goals:

  • Care
  • Deliver
  • Optimise
  • Modernise
  • Lead


Discover more about our driving principles and performance goals through our 2020 Strategic Plan.

2020 Strategic Plan

Our core values

Wellbeing and safety

The wellbeing and safety of our employees, customers and community is one of our primary values.


We will be accountable, transparent and ethical in everything we do.


Teamwork empowers our performance and ability to achieve objectives.

Embrace change

We support and encourage innovation to meet our evolving needs.


We create positive relationships through mutual respect between our employees and customers.

Want to learn more?
Visit the History of Irrigation website and discover how the NSW Murray Valley irrigation system was developed.

History of irrigation