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Murray Irrigation Submissions

2021 Submissions

Murray Irrigation Submission – NSW Food Production and Supply in NSW Inquiry 28 February 2022

Murray Irrigation Submission – Regional Telecommunications Review 2021. 29 September 2021

Murray Irrigation Floodplain Harvesting Submission 12 August 2021

Murray Irrigation Submission Murrumbidgee IVT transfer 29 July 2021

Murray Irrigation Submission in relation to the legislation for Inspector General 27 July 2021

Letter to Amy Burgess regarding proposed administration amendments to the Snowy Water Licence, 15 June 2020

Letter from Chair and CEO to Murray-Darling Basin Social and Economic Assessment Panel 3 April 2020

Murray Irrigation submission to IPART Draft report of Water NSW’s Rural Bulk Water Prices 29 March 2021