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Murray Irrigation’s Water Exchange will close at 5pm on Wednesday 22 June & access to the Customer Portal will close at 5pm on Monday 27 June in preparation for the 2022/23 season reopening 1 July 2022.  Read more here.


Giving back

We pride ourselves on supporting healthy, viable and vibrant local communities by giving back projects and initiatives across our area of operations.


Applications for 2022/2023 sponsorships closed on 18 May 2022.

Sponsorship Guidelines


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To discuss out-of-cycle sponsorship, you can contact our team.

Call our Customer Operations team on 1300 138 265.

2021/2022 Sponsorship recipients

This year we have received a number of fantastic applications, congratulations to the following successful applicants:

Southern Growers is a not-for-profit grower group, local to the Southern Murray Valley, that conducts research and trials to provide todays irrigators with innovative ways to improve profitability, efficiency, sustainability and performance of agriculture in irrigated farming systems.

Murray Irrigation is providing a donation of irrigation water as part of the sponsorship program to support several projects.  These include optimising irrigated grains with GRDC, Vetch for Hay with Dairy Australia, double cropping with Rice in collaboration with NSW DPI, soil moisture network probe with Agri futures, irrigated Durum trials with Southern Australia Durum growers & self-funded trials in wheat irrigation timings.

Read more about the Southern Growers projects here.

School Tree Planting Day Project

Western Murray Land Improvement Group (WMLIG) brought together a school tree planting day project with 8 local schools and groups participating with the planting of 464 native flora.

Murray Irrigation contribution allowed for planting activities, a native species hunt and even children taking some plants home for their own gardens.

“This project has been a wonderful way to engage youth with Landcare and encourage future sustainability in our local areas.” Local Landcare Coordinator and Project Officer, Stacey Waylen said.

All information, including details of the project can be found on their website, here or Facebook page here.

Sponsorship – $2,499

Wakool Preschool enjoying the planting activities

‘Monsters have feelings too’ Workshop

‘Monsters have feelings too’ workshop is a workshop series where young people of Deniliquin and surrounds can navigate discussions around their reactions to current events through the lens of art, creating imaginative non-traditional sculptures.

Murray Irrigation saw the potential and benefit to the younger community and the investment will allow Outback Theatre to further develop and celebrate the younger artist’s work through the exhibition.

To find out more about ‘Monsters have feelings too’ workshop, how you can be involved, and upcoming events, check out their Facebook page and their new website coming soon.

Sponsorship – $2,000

For all ages, Wakool Tennis Association is a welcoming, inclusive, and family orientated environment enjoyed by all.

By Murray Irrigation sponsoring the Wakool Tennis Association, they will be able to correct long-term surface deformation and enhance the flood lights across the courts.

Upgrading 5 tennis court surfaces and flood lights will encourage more members and visitors to compete and be involved in local tournaments, competitions, and social games.

Upcoming competition details, courts updates and latest news can be found on their Facebook group here.

Sponsorship – $1,750

With more than 30 members, Finley Menshed is a social place where local retirees meet to practice their crafts and projects, connect with friends, and contribute to the local community.

Sponsorship from Murray Irrigation will go towards new kitchen upgrades, allowing for a safe and welcoming place to have planned barbecues, and the general chat and cuppa. By creating this friendly and positive environment, it will encourage the important conversations on men’s health and their overall wellbeing.

The kitchen upgrades are scheduled to be completed by June 30th 2022.

The Finley Menshed is open Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 8:30am to 12 noon.

For more information on becoming a member, upcoming events and the work produced, head to their Facebook page here.

You can also out check out the national website here for more details and resources on the organisation.

Sponsorship – $3,298

Women of Water Events

Women of Water events run by Southern Riverina Irrigators (SRI) has also been supported by Murray Irrigation’s sponsorship program this year.

The events draw on local expertise to give a supportive environment for women to jump on board regarding the Murray Valley area. The events also give a chance for women to learn more about water and irrigation across the footprint.

“Often women do not have the confidence or knowledge to fully participate in the wider agricultural conversations, we wanted to change that” Sophie Baldwin, Executive Officer explained.

To date, SRI have held one successful event for 20 locals in Bunnaloo with their next event to be held in Wakool once COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Wished you understood more about water and how it impacts our farming community? Come along and learn about the ins and outs of water and what’s happening in our region.

Events updates will be posted on their Facebook page here, and the Western Murray Land improvement Group website here.

For further information regarding the events and SRI, please email or head to their website.

Sponsorship – $1,000

The Country Education Foundation (CEF) of Edward River Region has a mission to “promote and enable the further education, career and personal development opportunities for rural youth through community-based encouragement and financial assistance.”

Murray Irrigation are proud to be a part of the establishment providing much needed financial assistance and support to the local youth in education, training, and vocation aspirations. Our contribution to scholarship awards assists in education/work-related expenses across the Murray Irrigation’s footprint.

To find out more about the CEF and their grants in the Edward River Region, check out their website.

Sponsorship – $2,500

Deniliquin Rescue Squad is a volunteer emergency service agency who respond to a broad range of General Land Rescue and Motor Vehicle accidents in and around Deniliquin and its outlying communities.

Deniliquin Rescue Squad have recently joined with other emergency services in the launching of the PAD program (Public Access to Defibrillators), which is a program that responds us to cardiac arrest 000 calls when Ambulance NSW is more than 7 minutes from being able to attend. The aim of this program is to provide timely and effective CPR and defibrillation to a cardiac arrest patient, statics have shown by doing so a patient has a better chance of a more positive outcome.

Because of the new alliance, more training is required in CPR and emergency first aid, therefore the purchase of “Brayden Pro CPR Manikin” became much needed.

Murray Irrigation’s 2021/2022 Sponsorship Program saw Deniliquin Rescue Squad purchase the Brayden PRO CPR Manikin that will help to train more than 15 Deniliquin Rescue volunteers.

“We have never had our own manikin to train on, this means we don’t have to wait and schedule access” according to Jess Holloway, Secretary and Treasurer.

“This funding has allowed us to expand our training much faster than we planned which will better prepare us to help the local community in times of emergency.”

To find out more about the squad, volunteers, and their incredible work you can check out their Facebook page here.

Sponsorship – $1,908

2020/21 Sponsorship recipients

Murray Irrigation is proud to get behind these initiatives and programs.

One of our community initiatives is the ‘Learn to Swim’ program aimed at teaching young students valuable water skills and knowledge.

We believe in giving children the best start in life and prioritising their safety.  As part of our proactive approach to safety, we provide primary school-aged children with the opportunity to participate in water safety, learn to swim or stroke development programs.

Given the many man-made and natural water hazards in the region, it is important that all children in the area have the opportunity to learn how to swim.

Many of the young students enrolled in our local schools are the children of our shareholders. These children are the future leaders of our community as well as our future customers, employees and business partners.

Your local primary school or swimming program will provide you with further information on how your child can access the Learn to Swim Program.

Better known as the Deni LHAC, the group is made up of community members who are appointed to advocate for the local community with the Deniliquin Health Service.

Their role includes:

  • Advocating for the local community
  • Connecting with local communities about health priorities
  • Being a voice for planning and evaluation of services
  • Provide support to local health service
  • Promoting health literacy and wellbeing in their local communities

As a successful applicant of Murray Irrigation’s 2020/2021 Sponsorship program, the Deni LHAC will launch a Men’s Health Campaign across the region in the lead up to Men’s Health Week in June 2021. The campaign aims to bring attention to a critical area for members of our communities, with men often overlooking their health as other things take priority.

For more information on the Deni LHAC, their events, and as a central point for all you need to know about health in the Deniliquin area, you can visit their Facebook page, here.

If you would like to become involved in the LHAC or want to know more, visit Health NSW, here.

Sponsorship – $2,300

Rotary International is the world’s first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who combine service, with opportunities, to make professional connections and friends.

The Deniliquin Rotary Club is recognised at many Deniliquin community events, well-known for their great Rotary sausage sizzle promoting local campaigns, fundraising for worthwhile initiatives, and supporting the local Men’s Shed as a major sponsor.

Murray Irrigation’s 2020/2021 Sponsorship Program saw Deniliquin Rotary replace the BBQ on their mobile BBQ trailer. The new fit-out will allow Rotary to continue their fantastic work in support of youth, aged, health and teaching campaigns across the region. Soon, they hope to collaborate with Deni LHAC in the Men’s Health campaign.

The Rotary Club of NSW is also responsible for the Men’s Health Education Rotary Van (MHERV), a project aimed at bringing men together, and offering free health screenings and advice.

All information, including details of upcoming events for the Deni Rotary Club, can be found on their Facebook page, here.

You can also check out these other sites for details on what is available around the area:


Deni Men’s Shed

Sponsorship – $870

A family-friendly social sporting club for locals and visitors to the Wakool/Barham region.

Host to raffles, fundraisers, trivia nights, exercise classes, school group activities, training groups, and more, the club is a central place for many user groups in the area.

The club was successful in its application for sponsorship for the installation of an access ramp. The ramp will allow the club to open the doors for more access groups and therefore increase participation and community involvement.

You can find out more about the club on their Facebook page, here.

Sponsorship – $2,000

Responsible for the care and long-term management of the Deniliquin Lagoon System, the group is a community partnership project that commenced in 2013.

Following the rehabilitation of the system, the next step for the group is to educate and engage youth, students and local residents to promote longevity of the system and continue ongoing maintenance requirements.

Sponsorship from Murray Irrigation will go towards the group being able to deliver educational talks about the health of the lagoon system, and to inspire interest in its care into the future.

To become involved in the Deniliquin Kolety Lagoons Landcare Group, or learn more about their projects, you can visit their Facebook page or their website.

Sponsorship – $2,000

Showcasing basketball for all ages, the Finley Basketball Association strives to bring a competitive and inclusive basketball competition to the area.

Starting as young as five-years-old, development programs for the mini ballers teach juniors in the region the skills they need to be a part of an active, team environment.

Soon the group will showcase a brand-new scoreboard thanks to Murray Irrigation’s 2020-21 Sponsorship Program. The scoreboard will open opportunities for Finley to be included in a professional basketball competition across the region.

You can check out all of the competition details, achievements and latest news on the Finley Basketball Association’s Facebook page.

Sponsorship – $3,000

As the only facility of its kind in Jerilderie, the Jerilderie Community Gym is a fun and social place for residents to participate in exercise classes or use the gym equipment.

With more than 180 classes in the last two years, the not for profit organisation has participants from ages 16-85 and always welcomes new members.

The community gym has been able to offer active classes for seniors at a reduced rate as a direct result of sponsorship from Murray Irrigation. The benefits of seniors keeping active is well-researched and the gym is seeing maximum participation from the senior members of the community.

For more information about the gym and the classes, you can visit their Facebook page, here.

Sponsorship – $2,500

Southern Growers is a not-for-profit grower group, local to the Southern Murray Valley, that conducts research and trials to provide todays irrigators with innovative ways to improve profitability, efficiency, sustainability and performance of agriculture in irrigated farming systems.

Murray Irrigation is providing a donation of irrigation water as part of the sponsorship program to the current double cropping project, with rice as the summer crop focus, and will compare the results of several winter crops.

Double cropping uses the same crop bay after harvest and maximises on soil conditions to produce a second crop, without the need to significantly prepare the bay. This process will provide a continual 12-month farming production giving a huge advantage to farmers.

Read more about the Southern Growers projects here.

Sponsorship – in-kind irrigation water

An initiative of the Western Murray Land Improvement Group (WMLIG), Murray Connect is a community hub and co-working space in Barham, NSW.

For locals and visitors alike, the space is available to work from, and host groups in a friendly and welcoming environment.

A Community Support Officer is readily available to assist with administrative guidance, IT support, practical writing advice and more.

Sponsorship from Murray Irrigation will go towards a fundraising event for the local medical trust, will be held in March at the Community Hub, with the spotlight on community connectivity and positive mental health.

To find out more about Murray Connect, how it can help you, and upcoming events, check out their website.

Sponsorship – $2,000