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AGM enters new era

Murray Irrigation conducted its first virtual, online Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 25 November 2020, which allowed shareholders to participate without having to leave their farms during harvest, maximising the value of a year with crops.

Phil Snowden, Chairman, said the pandemic had forced the company to find smarter, new ways to operate during the year, with many employees working from home to support efficient water delivery, while meeting pandemic restrictions.

“I previously wouldn’t have thought it possible to deliver water with most employees working from home. But thankfully, our staff found a way to do just that.

“Efficient water delivery was especially important this year, given we’ve received a General Security allocation, supplementary water and have seen rain – meaning we have crops to harvest for the first time in a couple of years” Phil said.

The pandemic also played a part in proposing new ways of operating for the future, with a resolution adopted to conduct future AGMs online if needed.

“We’ve entered a completely new world this year and have found additional business efficiencies that support our bottom line while delivering better outcomes for farmers.

“This flexible approach means that farmers can interact better with us, without having to come into the office – which for some, is time that can be spent sowing or harvesting crops.

“While we now have the ability to do this, I have to admit it was disappointing not being able to see people face-to-face. In future, it will be nice to offer shareholders the option to participate in person, or online depending on their circumstances,” Phil said.

The AGM also saw Non-Member, Director, Patrick Largier reappointed for a four-year term, maintaining crucial stability on the Board and cementing a professional and experienced team to guide the future of the business.

“The most significant thing we can do is to keep working consistently on the improvements we have in place, while working with relevant stakeholders to secure and attract more water to the region – keeping local farming alive for future generations,” Phil said.

The Annual General Meeting follows the publication of Murray Irrigation’s Annual Report, which is available on their website.