Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program (PIIOP)

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Murray Irrigation has started contacting customers by telephone to inform them of our outlet upgrade program and to discuss if there are any opportunities for reducing outlets on landholdings with multiple outlets.

This round of customer consultation is an important part of Murray Irrigation's scoping of its outlets to be modernised under our Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program (PIIOP).

Only customers with two or more outlets on their landholding will be contacted. Each phone call should only take approximately 10 minutes. Customers that have already met with our consultation team are not included.

The phone calls are to discuss our program in more detail and will aim to identify what opportunities there are for customers to reduce their outlets, whilst maintaining their irrigation supply. The discussion will not be binding to the customer in any way.

Face to face consultation will occur at a later date where customers will be able to discuss their specific requirements prior to the outlets being included in our construction program.

This work will test the assumptions currently being used for the number of outlets to be upgraded under PIIOP.

The Outlet Scope project is an important step to better understand the number of outlets to be upgraded and will have a key role in projecting expenditure but also the way we engage with our customers.

Phone calls will be made by Murray Irrigation staff with the aim of completing the calls by early December.

Customers with multiple outlets on their landholdings are encouraged to start thinking about what opportunities there may be to reduce the number of outlets. There are benefits to customers and Murray Irrigation if outlets can be reduced whilst maintaining irrigation supply.


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Murray Irrigation has entered into a funding agreement with the Commonwealth Government for:

  • Upgrading water management and measurement systems;
  • Targeted channel refurbishment;
  • System reconfiguration; and
  • System retirement.

The project is called Murray Irrigation's Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program (PIIOP).

Murray Irrigation initially applied for funding in July 2011, and was approved as a successful applicant in December 2011. The agreement was officially signed on 20 September 2012.

Funding is being provided from the government's Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program.

The PIIOP project's delivery commenced in May 2013 and is planned to be completed by early 2017. Early works were conducted on the Mulwala Canal to the Edward River Escape and the Berrigan Main Canal to the Billabong Canal offtake. This totals 159km of main channel involving 46 offtake structures and 120 metered outlets held by 111 customers.        

Murray Irrigation's Yallakool system (within Division 16) was chosen as the Pilot for our Standard Level of Service (SLOS) rollout, while Divisions 3 and 8 (Finley and Blighty) are being converted to our High Level of Service (HLOS).

Murray Irrigation and Rubicon Water have officially entered into a multi-million dollar partnership to upgrade irrigation supply infrastructure throughout the local region. The $60 million contract is part of PIIOP and was officially signed in Deniliquin on Friday 27 September.

The contract is primarily for the supply, installation and commissioning of Rubicon products and network control systems which are a key part of the upgrade to our irrigation system occurring under PIIOP. The contract for the supply of Rubicon's hardware and software will enable remote and automated control of Murray Irrigation's supply system.

The outlet consultation process for PIIOP was revised in January 2014. Customers are now issued with a 'Notice of Assessment' instead of a 'Formal Agreement' following the conclusion of consultation with our staff. This revised process will streamline the consultation process and is necessary given the limited timeframe to implement works under the PIIOP Funding Agreement with the Commonwealth.

For more information on PIIOP, contact reception on T. 1300 138 265 and ask for our PIIOP customer consultation team.