Current activities

External trade closures

(Wednesday 19 April)

Customers are advised of the following dates for the close of external annual trade for the 2016/17 season:

  • Interstate trade (to or from Victoria or South Australia) - forms must be received at Murray Irrigation by 5.00pm Thursday 27 April.
  • External trade (to or from Murray Irrigation) - forms must be received at Murray Irrigation by 5.00pm Tuesday 30 May.

Water Exchange closure

(Wednesday 19 April)

The Murray Irrigation Water Exchange will close at 5.00pm Friday 2 June. Water can be sold or purchased and annual delivery entitlements traded up until this date.

Internal annual transfers will close at 5.00pm on Friday 9 June - to allow balancing of water allocation accounts for volume and annual delivery entitlements prior to close of season.

Further details will be provided in a special Talking Water in early May. For more information, contact Customer Support on T. 1300 138 265.

Outlook for 2017/18 irrigation season

(Wednesday 19 April)

DPI Water yesterday released an update to its preliminary outlook for the 2017/18 irrigation season. The outlook indicates a NSW Murray general security opening allocation of four percent in both 'dry' and 'very dry' conditions, rising to 53 percent by November (under average conditions). To view the full outlook, click here, or call Customer Support on T. 1300 138 265.

Offtakes to close Monday 8 May

(Tuesday 11 April)

Murray Irrigation is currently planning to close the Mulwala and Wakool Canal offtakes at 8.00am on Monday 8 May. In order to complete PIIOP Round 2 by October 2017, the company is planning its most significant construction and maintenance winter works program to date. We will be conducting a modified drainage procedure from Monday 8 May. Off-allocation deliveries will commence on an opportunistic basis immediately after these closures.

To guarantee supply, all customers must have their irrigation programs finalised by Monday 8 May. Murray Irrigation cannot guarantee supply after this date. Customers are strongly encouraged to give advance notice of irrigation demand, including any changes to orders, to assist with channel operations. Customers should also ensure dams are filled for stock and domestic use prior to Monday 8 May.

For more information, see the dedicated special Talking Water here, or contact Customer Support on T. 1300 138 265.

Customers in Divisions 3, 4, 5 and 6

(Tuesday 11 April)

The Berrigan Main Canal offtake will be closed on Monday 1 May to allow early drainage, with PIIOP Round 3 construction works to commence on Monday 8 May. To guarantee water delivery, customers in Divisions 3, 4, 5 and 6 should complete irrigation programs prior to Monday 1 May. Off-allocation deliveries may be available on an opportunistic basis after this closure, however, an accelerated draining program will be implemented immediately. If this is going to significantly affect your program, please contact Customer Support immediately to discuss arrangements.

Customer feedback groups

(Tuesday 11 April)

Murray Irrigation held an extensive customer consultation program across our region in March. There were 28 group meetings in total, resulting in 173 feedback forms being submitted from customers who represented 379 landholdings. Information from this feedback is currently being compiled and will be valuable to assist with future decision making.

Around June (after harvest and sowing), we propose to present the results from this project to these same groups.

Murray Irrigation extends a sincere thank you to the customers who attended these meetings and provided open and honest feedback.

Murray Irrigation sponsorship

(Tuesday 28 March)

As part of Murray Irrigation's proactive approach to supporting healthy, viable and vibrant regional communities, the company provides sponsorship annually to organisations and activities which enhance, promote and embed safety and wellbeing within local communities.

The 2017/18 sponsorship application process is now open. Sponsorship is provided across two categories - financial support and in-kind support.

Applications must be received by 30 April 2017.

Full details and sponsorship applications are available here. Alternatively, contact Customer Support on T. 1300 138 265.

Environment Policy implementation

(Tuesday 14 March)

Murray Irrigation's Environment Policy outlines the calculation of the maximum rice water usage figure and any climatic adjustment of the total farm water use limit.

The final maximum rice water usage figures for 2016/17 are:

  • 13.4ML/ha for E, Q and M landholdings;
  • 15.6 ML/ha for D, T and W landholdings.

The maximum rice water use is lower than the average as the evapotranspiration over the 2016/17 rice growing season was 27 percent lower than average in the east, and 17 percent lower than the average in the west. The calculations of the individual rice water use for each landholding will be completed by early April.

There will be no increase in the total farm water use limit for 2016/17 as the evapotranspiration levels were significantly lower than average for the 2016/17 irrigation season.

For further information, please contact Customer Support on T. 1300 138 265.

Wakool Customer Centre

(Tuesday 14 February) 

Following feedback from customers, Murray Irrigation has adjusted the opening hours of its Wakool Customer Centre in Dampier Street, Wakool. The Centre will now be open from 1.00pm to 3.00pm Monday to Friday. Customers requiring assistance outside of these hours can contact Customer Support via T. 1300 138 265. The opening hours of Deniliquin and Finley customer centres are unchanged.

Tagging of endangered bittern

(Tuesday 7 February)

A young male Australasian Bittern was discovered in a rice crop at Mayrung property 'Willum Park' last week. Fondly named 'MILo', the bittern was tagged with a transmitter to help uncover the network of wetlands that the population depends on during the colder months after harvest. The tracking is part of the 'Bitterns in Rice Project' which is proudly supported by Murray Irrigation. MILo is the first Australasian Bittern to be tagged in the Murray Valley. For full details, click here.

Murray Irrigation customer meetings

(Thursday 19 January)

2017 will be a big year for Murray Irrigation and our customers as we continue to transition to a modern irrigation infrastructure company. As part of our commitment to effective customer engagement, we held a series of customer meetings in January to update customers on key issues and associated activities.

To view some of the information presented at the meetings, see the links below:

Customer consultation fact sheet

Major projects update (PIIOP Round 2 and 3)

Resource Management Strategy

Strategic response to drivers

For more information, contact Customer Support on T. 1300 138 265.

Water resource distribution

(Thursday 22 December 2016)

Murray Irrigation announced on Thursday 22 December 2016 a water resource distribution of three percent allocation to be issued against delivery entitlements. The current water resource distribution will be credited to customer accounts (for those who have paid all outstanding accounts) by 5.00pm Friday 13 January. Customers with an outstanding balance on their account must make payment by 5.00pm Thursday 12 January in order to access the water resource distribution.

For more information, click here, or contact Customer Support on T. 1300 138 265.

Tax legacy resolved

(Tuesday 20 December 2016)

Murray Irrigation announced on Friday 16 December 2016 the successful resolution of an outstanding taxation credit. The resolution will see the Company credited $6.368 million by the Australian Tax Office. Special Minister of State, Senator Scott Ryan advised Murray Irrigation in writing that he has approved an Act of Grace payment to Murray Irrigation to resolve the matter of a tax debt incurred in relation to Land and Water Management Plan funding. This favourable ruling is credit to the efforts of many past and present Directors and management of the Company. For full details, click here.

PIIOP Round 3 funding deed signed

(Tuesday 6 December 2016)

Murray Irrigation's PIIOP Round 3 funding deed was officially signed by Chairman Mark Robertson on Friday 2 December 2016. The original investment figure of $159 million was revised to $120.7 million after an adjustment to the project scope. After careful assessment and review of initial designs, the Channel Lining project was removed from the PIIOP Round 3 project. The initial designs revealed little efficiency savings, and was therefore no longer considered a viable project.

Native fish refuge flows

(Tuesday 29 November 2016)

Local landholders and the Edward-Wakool Environmental Water Reference Group continue to be consulted as environmental water is released into the Edward-Wakool River system to provide native fish refuge during the current hypoxic water event. The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office are using Murray Irrigation infrastructure to deliver approximately 3,000 ML/day throughout the system.

Refuge flows commenced on 24 October and monitoring is showing that water quality is improving downstream of the environmental watering sites. For more information about hypoxic blackwater events, and how these events can be managed, click here.

Murray Irrigation AGM

(Tuesday 22 November 2016)

Murray Irrigation's 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Thursday 17 November. Both the CEO's presentation and the Chairman's Address to the AGM, as well as the company's 2016 Annual Report are available here. For more information, contact Customer Support on T. 1300 138 265.

Future focus video

(Tuesday 22 November 2016)

Murray Irrigation has launched a new video, featuring local farmers and properties across the footprint. The video was filmed early November 2016 and highlights the current transformation that Murray Irrigation is undergoing and the future focus of the Company. You can view the video by clicking here.